Building on your business success.

My clients consists of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, non-profit executive directors, and consultants, working through a broad range of professional, personal and organizational challenges, as they strive for the next level of growth.

Professional Facilitation

I provide organizations with a wide range of professional facilitation services for small and large group needs.

Leadership Workshops

My workshops use a memorable framework for sticky learning with built-in acknowledgments of how the brain optimally learns. We have the ability to customize our sessions to meet your situation and needs. For a short list skip over to our services page.


Professional Enrichment

As a business psychologist I enhance the performance of the organization with proven methods to improve Individual behavior and results.

 Integrating Economic and Social Systems

I have extensive experience working with small to mid-size business leaders and
hold a Doctorate in Business Psychology.

My experience and education has resulted in a well honed perspective that all organizations can be viewed as two primary interconnected systems. 

One is of an externally focused economic system, which explains how the firm makes money, creates value, serves its clients, and sustains its organization market position.

The second perspective is that all organizations have an internally focused
more human oriented social system in play.

Successful leaders understand that both systems need to work flawlessly in order for the firm to grow, thrive, and build a sustainable competitive advantage. 

I find that the human oriented "social system" of the organization is the more critical
of the two in order to gain and maintain the economic system. 
Its also the most challenging for leaders to influence.

How the leader sets a tone—in both thinking and action—and how they strive to
influence others—can be the most mysterious, frustrating, and challenging
aspects of leading the social system. 

When working with my firm, The Signore Group, you will be challenged to deeply explore you and your team’s thinking and behavior patterns in order to discover the underlying false assumptions which my limit your results, reduce productivity and engagement of your team, and diminish your leadership effectiveness.

Growth Requires Change.

All organization’s today find themselves faced with an ever changing business environment.

What is becoming clear is the environment can turn from friendly to hostile in a moment. What was once stable and predictable can change to chaos seemingly overnight.

What was once a relevant model and profitable organization can quickly find itself becoming irrelevant. Becoming irrelevant is the last, and fatal step, in organizational decline and death.

The ability of the leader to navigate changes in the environment is the prime imperative to sustaining relevance.  No matter how successful and confident the leader—no one is immune to the challenges of remaining relevant. 

What you did at the start of your organization is no guaranteed as you approach the next level—in fact this thinking is harming your organization.

Evolution informs us that only the species who can learn and change--survive and thrive.

Leadership Matters.

There many leadership questions that must be answered for the leader of a growth organization:

How does my own thinking impact my ability to lead?

How do I influence the thinking of my team?

Is there a better more effective way to lead?

Does my team "think" strategically or are we doing only tactical "fire-fighting"?

What hidden forces are working against my firm's growth plans?

Can I reverse the degrading trend of disengagement within the team?

Does my team tell me what I need to hear or what they think I want to hear?

Am I spending a bulk of my time managing individuals or leading groups?

Do I have the right people in the right seats?

How do I build a leadership pipeline within my company?

Your leadership skill, and the skills of your executive team, will be the determining factor of your business or organization's growth and survival. 

Are you ready to test your assumptions about leadership?

No one knows you like you do.

An engagement with the Signore Group is likely to be very different from other consulting engagements you have experienced in the past.

I have found most business consultants take a elevated position as an expert when working with clients.  Their expertise and advice can be valuable in isolated instances and within a narrow band of problems—but as a result tends to be less effective in that it removes the responsibility of thinking from the client.

Organizational issues are well researched in the field of organizational development. My approach is based on the perspective that each organization is unique in its own personality, abilities and situations.  I understand my clients know their business or industry better than I will ever know and as such my role is to ask productive questions to increase
the thinking ability of the organization.  

My diagnosis and recommendations are effective because they are based on concepts
and techniques that have been researched and tested in the field of
psychology and business for year.

I take the stance that each organization has the ability to learn and is responsible for its own change and a one size fits all “expert stance” does not lead to sustained growth and change.