I always look forward to my conversations with Dr. Dino. He is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas. He quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.   As a result, I have become a more effective facilitator with Dr. Dino’s guidance.

         Rene Boer | EOS Implementer | Chicago, IL

“When I first began my work as an EOS implementer, I had a wealth of real world experience to bring to my clients, but I had no formal training as a facilitator. Working with Dino gave me a foundation of tools and processes that helped me become a stronger facilitator, which in turn allowed me to provide increased value to my clients. I would highly recommend Dino for anyone who is looking to build or sharpen their facilitation skills.” 

Michael Erath | EOS Implementer | Phoenix, AZ

Dino is a master facilitator with an extraordinary ability to align business leaders. His street-wise leadership consulting expertise combine with his doctoral- level education to very quickly engage corporate executives. He is extremely likable, a great listener and has mastered the ability to create a perfect storm for business growth.

         Scott Foster | President | Wellco | Birmingham Mi

It has been my great pleasure to be a participant in numerous leadership development sessions and a Peer Learning Roundtable facilitated by Dino Signore. Dino certainly has a wealth of knowledge regarding leadership and organizationdynamics, he also has extensive experience processing issues with innovative leaders, but what really makes him exceptional at facilitation is that he does not force his knowledge or experience. He may introduce a concept but trusts the capacity of the group and the strength of peer interaction to process. 

         Don Phillips | President | CEO Bashor Children’s Home | Goshen

I have known Dino for the past 4 years as he is a Facilitator for the Saint Joseph County Nursing Home Administrators“The Profound”. I am not sure that we are Profound but Dino is.  Dino always brings interesting topics to discuss and ways to  better our Professional lives and we also spend a little time on our personal lives.  Dino keeps the discussion lively and interesting.  He is also adapt at bringing out everyone’s opinions on any subject, even those whom are reluctant to talk in this type of forum. 
I would recommend Dino’s group to anyone who is trying to find a facilitator who they can trust and raise interesting topics with their group.  Plus he is a Bruce Springsteen fan and in my book the makes Dino great!

          Jack L. Mueller | COO  | Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame

As the new leader of our organization, I assessed the need for a change in our organizational culture. So that I would have the help of the entire leadership team with this necessary transition inside the organization, I reached out to Dino for consultation on first transforming the behavior of our leadership team. Dino did a phenomenal job of building rapport with individual leaders and the leadership team as a whole.

Dino’s expertise in organizational psychology and coaching entrepreneurs was for me what set him apart from other experts with whom I could have consulted. Dino has helped our leadership team build upon the skills they already possessed and develop new competencies. As a result, our management team possesses a revitalized business acumen required in today’s world to ensure that our agency makes the positive impact in our community that our stakeholders need and deserve.

            Gloria Whitcraft | CEO | Catholic Charities | Ft Wayne

Feedback from peers changed my approach to leading my agency when the group helped me realize that I was dealing with too many minor decisions and not allowing my staff to take responsibility and to grow through owning the decisions that were under their authority. Dino has expertly facilitated each monthly session and brought out the best in the group.

            Mark Mikel | Executive Director | Family Christian Development Center

I wanted to report to you that I did 4 EOS sessions last week and was for sure better at my job thanks to the workshop.  Lots of good stuff, but especially the brain chemistry.  I had a few times when I could feel my frustration rising and first, just said to myself – “Stop, it’s just the cortisol,” but also turned it back to the team in the form of “I’m just a barometer and I’m starting to feel frustrated.  What’ that about?”

            Daniel P. Wallace | Partner | Tailwind Discovery Group

Thank you Dino for an inspiring and engaging presentation before a packed house of civil engineering professionals. Well done!!

           Steven P. Osborn PE | SE President & CEO | CE Solutions, Inc.

My time with Dino has allowed me to mature, understand and practice self-care and has increased my confidence in my abilities as Executive Director of a non-profit organization.

Through the various evaluations and challenges Dino led me through I have a better understanding of my skills and strengths and have become a stronger community leader. Additionally, it has helped me to empower my staff to work towards their passions and strengths.

           Connie Bradbury Caiceros | Executive Director | Center for Community Justice | Elkhart

When I was a new Executive Director, it was through stories of experiences of my peers that I learned how to document  an employee who could not do his job and was able to let him go.

It was through participation in CEO Roundtables and Dino's facilitation guidance, that I learned to function from a strength's based approach. That helped build a healthy and supportive team environment.

           Ed Swartley | Executive Director | The Windows |  Goshen

Dino has an uncanny ability to pull information from a variety of sources and then deliver that information in creative and inspiring ways. He shines as a facilitator, teacher, and guide, giving those he teaches the tools they need to develop new insights and ideas

           Eric Vines |  Vines Leadership Design | Portland

If you have met Dino - then you already know he is a dynamic and personable individual. He is an amazingly effective team leader and organizational consultant. High integrity, attention to detail, respect of timelines and incredible personal demeanor are just a few of his amazing skill sets. I would recommend him to anyone who is not a competitor of mine.

           John Coleman | President | Copper Mountain Hardware | Ann Arbor

I am also very appreciative of this group and your leadership.  This has been a great forum for those of us who have attended.  We have built  good relationships as peers yet competitors.  This forum has enabled us to provide resources and support to one another as this industry has brought us increased challenges.   
Thank you again for your facilitation!!! 

           Teresa Smucker | Executive Director | Healthwin | South Bend

Over the past 5 years, the NIHHC has continued to invite Dino Signore to provide the Strengths Finder and leadership training for NIHHC employees, board members, and volunteers. Dino’s expertise and multicultural approach have made each training an enjoyable experience, providing great insight into the organization’s strengths. Every single person who has attended a training has found value in understanding their strengths and applying strategies to maximize their leadership skills. The trainings are always given in English but the charm and professionalism of Dino is so impactful that the language barrier disappears and everyone enjoys the hands-on workshop. The NIHHC is honored to have Dino share his knowledge and experience during the trainings and hopes to continue to count with his valuable support for years to come 

           Liliana Quintero | Executive Director | NIHHC | Elkhart

The role of the Executive Directors roundtables has had in the success of Elkhart County Non-Profits cannot be underestimated.  By creating a trustful, collaborative environment for CEO's across the county to connect, we have seen both better collaboration and better CEO's.  This has not only improved the realization of existing organizations missions, but also allowed new organizations to develop, that take on much larger and more complex missions, in a collaborative way, with much higher probability of success.  As a CEO I personally benefited from the wealth of experience at the table each month and know I am better at what I do than I would be without that incredible support.  CEO round-tables can be a quiet, efficient game changer for communities across the country.

           Frank Connoly | Executive Director | Red Cross | Elkhart

When faced with challenging co-workers, discussions with my peer group gave me the strength to understand how unethical behavior was preventing our organization from moving forward.  Today, our entire team is stronger as a result of learning how to manage different personalities and seek the best of the best when filling positions.
            Ronda J. DeCaire | Director | Elkhart County Parks

Dino Signore is a compassionate group leader who has a unique ability to draw out the 'collective intelligence' in a group. I enjoyed my time with him as he facilitated our executive management team in sessions on company strategy. If anyone out there is looking for a good facilitator/coach, Dino is your man.

           Dan McCloud |  Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids

Thank you so much, I thought the off-site was our best yet. You were better than ever! I hope this will become an annual event.

          Linda Schoenthaler | President | Financial Services | New York

Thanks for the time last week and sharing your knowledge and passion about facilitation and group dynamics.

           Paul Kinghorn | Director | Regional Business Center & Entrepreneurial Outreach | Cedar Falls

Love the photos of our experience!  Thank you.  Still on a Dino high around here. 

           Carol Piccaro | President | US Chemicals | New York

Thank-you so much for your guidance and support.  It has been wonderful!  I have really enjoyed it and It greatly helped with my sanity!

           Megan Gumbel | Executive Director | MDC Goldenrod | Goshen