Strategic Planning and Execution

Are you leaving the most important strategic questions your company faces unanswered?

The Six Strategic Questions is an intensive three-day executive program that will guide you through a strategic thinking model designed for growth oriented organizations.

The program provides the leader with the tools, processes and perspective to examine the competitive marketplace and integrate customer needs with organizational core competencies. 

Our strategic workshops are professionally facilitated and include a deep analysis of the market forces that are forming and the internal inefficiencies that may prevent your organization from growing.  

The Six Questions of Strategic Thinking program informs the team with a model and insight to use consistently after the session.  

Exceptional Facilitator Training

Facilitator training for EOS Implementors

One of the key roles and capabilities of an EOS Implementer™ is that of a facilitator.  Facilitation is the process of helping groups understand their common objectives, discover solutions, and assist them to plan how to achieve their goals.  Above all, a facilitator works to bring out the best of the group and to help them be more effective.

The Exceptional Facilitator System program is designed for the EOS business consultant to take his or her skills to another level.  Utilizing the Process Consultation Model, the learning modules will enhance the helping relationship between the consultant and client. Read more.


“I always look forward to my conversations with Dr. Dino. He is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas. He quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.   As a result, I have become a more effective facilitator with Dr. Dino’s guidance.”

         Rene Boer | EOS Implementer | Chicago, IL

Organizational Development

All organizations encounter growing pains. Many organizational leaders may experience symptoms yet may have difficulty identifying the causes or have effective interventions to improve. Working with the Signore Group we will assist in the clear identification of constraints and false assumptions that need to be addressed in order for the organization to thrive. 

Professional Enrichment (Executive Coaching)

With our expert guidance C-Suite executives identify and correct unproductive thinking and behavior. The Signore Group Executive Coaching experience is based on self discovery, goal setting, and relevant business knowledge exchange between the client and coach.

Each engagement is strategically aligned with the goals of the organization and has data driven change at its core.

Personality Assessments

To discover the strengths and flat sides of your team, or to serve as a pre-employeement screening process, I utilize several psychological instruments for a better understanding of the individuals you are hiring or team you are developing.  The NEO-PR traits assessment tool gives focus to the individual's character, extroversion and introversion orientation, curiosity, attention to detail, impulse control, and balanced personality in order to make the best fit for your organization.




The Six Questions of Strategy

Are you leaving the most important strategic questions your company faces unanswered?

We all agree that strategy is important. But with what seems like the daily pressure of fighting “fires” we often put off “doing strategy” until tomorrow. 

The Six Questions Strategic Thinking workshop is an intensive two to three-day executive program that will guide you and your team through a strategic thinking model designed for growth oriented organizations to better adapt in an environment that is constantly evolving. 

The Signore Group model provides the leader and team with the tools, processes and perspectives to examine the competitive marketplace and integrate market needs with organizational core competencies.

The Neuro Leadership Series

Brain science has become a hot topic in business over the last few years. To better understand the impact on management we have has created the Neuro Leadership workshop series.

New insights into how our brains work are being directly applied by innovative leaders and managers to improve performance, engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.  

Our workshops boil down complex research into ideas you can understand quickly and use immediately to address everyday challenges.

Session One: Management and the Damage Done

This session will explore brain basics, the residue from management 1.0, the neuroscience of effective leaders, the impact of negative and positive thinking on decision making, problem solving, engagement, productivity, and the organizational culture.

Attendees will not only gain a deeper understanding of the social brain at work, but will learn and practice the SCARF model to engage people’s best talents, support collaborative teams, and to facilitate an environment that fosters productive change.

Session Two: Becoming a Wise Leader: The Power of Social Intelligence

This session will aid you in understanding and developing your Social Intelligence and knowing how to work well with others. The brain science behind empathy, fairness, trust, persuasion, and attachment will be discussed. The participant will gain a deeper understanding and recognition of both the positive and negative effects of the science behind work groups.

The learned techniques of Mindfulness and Compassion will be covered to strengthen and create a more resilient the leader.

Session Three: Changing Minds and the Art of Activating your Team

This session will explore and apply the neuroscience behind change, resistance, and action and what the leader needs to know to move her people from Idea to Action. The psychological barriers to change, conditioning, equilibrium, and commitment—will be illustrated and discussed.

The enhanced communication technique of productive inquiry will be presented and applied.

Session Four: Leadership Virtue, Presence, and Wisdom

This advanced course will focus on the potential of true leadership effectiveness by improving a sense of virtue,  leaders presence, and gaining leadership wisdom. An understanding of the six human intelligence's including emotional, practical, aesthetic, kinesthetic, social, and IQ will covered and applied.

The participant will learn how to managing their emotions, increase cognitive flexibility, increase innovative actions, managing conflict and understanding the impact of focus, attention and distraction.

The section will touch on the causes of suffering, understanding your internal simulator, practicing self compassion, the second arrow of cognitive pain, the difficulty with happiness, the strategic effectiveness of optimism, confidence and assertiveness.

The Five Building Blocks for an Effective Team

There are five key stages that a team needs to develop in order to be a fully functioning team.  The program is assessment based and will look at the contributions that Trust and Conflict have on Commitment, Accountability , and Results. 

Understanding Personality in the Workplace

Have you ever heard the term—“its not personal—it’s just business?” It can be said that all business is personal. There is no way to prevent bringing personality into the workplace.

Achieving success in the work place requires both technical skills and professional presence—but is most profoundly determined by personality. 

The workshop is designed to better understand how people process information and learning how to improve thier ability to work with each other.

Leveraging and Learning from Conflict

Where does conflict come from?  Where does it go if not brought into the open? Today’s organizational leaders may find themselves dealing with a wide variety of unproductive conflict and dysfunctional behaviors, within its internal social system (people) and its external clients or customers. 

The leaders of an organization should strive to surface productive conflict in the pursuit of improved decision making and productivity.  The leaders also need to be able to identify behaviors that can become toxic to their culture.

Recognizing and Avoiding Organizational Snares

For anyone who has spend time working in any organization knows that dysfunctional behavior abounds. Conflict is avoided and the same arguments tend to come up over and over again. People nod their heads in agreements only to re-engage in turf battles.  When asked if things can change they feel resignation and frustration. We often feel powerless to fix them.  

The workshop informs the leader on the thinking models of espoused values and real values, learning and anti-learning behaviors, and actions that trap us.

The Power of Productive Inquiry

The workshop will inform the participant on the art of inquiry to help our teams become more resilient and engaged.  The workshop explores how managers and teams can become trapped from more authoritative leadership behaviors.  Various methods will be applied to release the energy and group genius of your team. The participants will discuss the goal and challenges of becoming a learning organization where the potential of everyones thinking is released.

Building a Resilient Organization

In today’s highly competitive environment, most companies need employees who can think conceptually and solve problems.

Yet today’s prevalent management style, the autocratic, command- and-control model, does just the opposite. It disengages employees and undermines their performance and innovation. 

Change: The Covert Forces of Resistance

Orchestrating organizational and individual change is a leadership function. Leadership is about increasing the adaptive capacity for its organization and people. 

Tearing out your hair over employees who just won’t change—especially the ones who are clearly smart, skilled, and deeply committed to your company and your plans for improvement is not an effective leadership behavior.

The workshop will explore the reasons why people struggle with change and provides the leader with deeper understanding and thinking methods to accelerate change.